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The Master Oenologist,

Marie Julian

Marie Julian-Izard is the master oenologist, has looked after the selection of the grapes, and the winemaking of Mythique, since 2005.
Marie graduated in oenology in 2001, and has had more than 20 years of experience now in the wine industry.

The Guardian - Mythique
The Guardian - Mythique

I am lucky to be born in Languedoc, in the heart of a beautiful winemaking region.

I am convinced of its incomparable potential. The vineyards are spread across the land, to the hills and to the Mediterranean sea. My region is rich in history, culture and of a great conviviality.”
Marie Julian, œnologue

The Guardian - Mythique
The Guardian - Mythique


The Mythique Owl


Owls are very sensitive to agricultural practices, habitat loss and environmental quality. Their presence is a sign of a good ecosystem.

Throughout the seasons, I observe the mythical terroirs of the Languedoc. With my keen eyes and my discerning gaze, nothing escapes me. I protect the delicious grapes of these great terroirs and am the guardian of the patient work of the winegrowers.

The Mythique Owl is the guardian of the vines and winemakers of Mythique wines.

The Guardian of the Languedoc

Discovering the project

Terra 360

The Guardian - Mythique
The Guardian - Mythique

Taking care of the wine growers, respecting nature and the land that sustains them, is our responsibility.
This is why we have created “Terra360”.
This virtuous circle in which we are committed with our partners is a tremendous source of innovation,
environmental efficiency and value creation.

The Guardian - Mythique
The Guardian - Mythique
The Guardian - Mythique

The HVE3 label

High Environmental Value


The HVE 3 label indicates that the winery limits inputs as much as possible, ensures soil fertility, a protective fauna for crops, plant cover that promotes soil life, and permanent grasslands. It indicates efforts in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and in the preservation of water resources.